Therapy in English at Bemerk

Here you can find practical information about Bemerk in English. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us via email or phone.

Bemerk is a psychology clinic where the client is always at the center. Our psychologists have professional expertise, are focused on providing care, yet have the patience to uncover the full picture of the client’s challenges.

Bemerk was founded by Eva Rustad. Eva is a licensed psychologist with 15 years of therapeutic experience from London, Tromsø, Copenhagen, and Aarhus. Alongside Eva, Bemerk also consists of clinical psychologist Nora Svensen. She has experience in working with individuals, both adults and children, and working with families. She is trained in both psychotherapy, and assessment. As a clinic we offer both English speaking psychotherapy for individuals, adults as well as children. We also offer psychological support for families, usually centered around a child’s psychological challenges.

We have a special interest in, and experience with, the situation of foreign nationals in Denmark. As several of our clients are foreign nationals, we are familiar with the everyday struggles that can arise when trying to adapt to the Danish way of living.

We are proud to be an English speaking clinic where all our sessions and assessment are offered in English. 



You can contact us on


phone: 71 96 00 86 

please note that phone calls might not be answered if we are in sessions. Emails will always be responded upon. 



Initial consultation (75 mins)  1900 KR

Individual Therapy  (50 mins)   1350 KR

Individual Therapy, on SU           1200 KR

Individual Supervision                1500 KR

Assessment, ADHD                        1600 KR/HR contact for estimate

Talk/workshop                          Contact for price